Scam reports relating to Zone 4 telephone numbers:
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This topic gives information about the telephone number +447452380106, which has been identified as being used by scammer as part of their scam. This first post gives some general information about the telephone number, such as the country/area it is from, the type of number and the provider. Additional posts give information about occurrences of the number being used as part of a scam.

About telephone number +447452380106

Telephone number +447452380106 has a country code of 44, which indicates that it is from the United Kingdom. The dialing code (74523) indicates that the number is a mobile number. The original service provider was "Manx Telecom Trading Limited".

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Re: +447452380106

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Telephone number +447452380106 is being used as part of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam by someone claiming to be "Nina Marinich", Head of Purchasing Department at Ulterra Equestrian Ltd and using the email address missninamarinich@outlook.com. The telephone number is included in the following Advance Fee Fraud email that is being sent to victims:
This is to introduce you to a business I found viable in my office here in UK.

My name is Nina Marinich, A Ukrainian citizen working here in Ulterra
Equestrian Ltd.

Bred Horse multi National Company Uk,our company is in desperate need
of a new raw material called KUAMBA NUTS (KB26) Whichis usually plant
and harvested locally in India, the first India supplier to the
company is no longer in good business relationship with the company
due to his delay and high price that he normally quote and for that
,the company has changed from buying this product from India and has
shifted to another Australian supplier.

But somehow, I have gotten the contact of the real farmer in India
through some of his old bills,now i want to introduce my company to
another supplier from India hence deeming it necessary in contacting
you if you don't mind ,I will like you to claim as the real farmer , i
will present you to the company as the farmer of the
KUAMBA NUTS(KB26),Whereas on the other hand i will give you the
contact of the real farmer in India for you to contact and find out if
they have products in stuck, know their current price of the KUAMBA
NUTS(KB26) by 500grms as it use to be packed ,then if you find out all
these , i will then link you to the company MD Who will
discuss price with you whereas i will be there to facilitate the
approval in your name , this will not stop you from your original work
place or business unless you feel otherwise.

What prompted my interest into this is because ,I discovered from the
aforementioned old supplier's bill that he do buy the KUAMBA
NUTS(KB26) 500grams pack locally at the rate of $2,960 ,and he usually
sell to our company at the rate of $6,900 and suddenly after a long
while he changed his price to $7,500 before a colleague could
discovered the Australian suppliers now.

But i am sure ,if you can negotiate with the India local farmer at a
cheaper rate,then we reduce the price to the company like $6,200 or
$6,500, definitely you will take over the market with ease and we will
make profit.My interest since i am sure it is going to work out well ,
i want to know what will you give me from every gain made on each
supply if we conclude on that ,we shall kick start by availing you
with the contact of the local farmer and after wards when you confirms
the availability then i will link you to my boss as the step two.

Lets get started if you consider it worthy of doing.

Please note our company mode of payment for all suppliers below:

(1) Payment for the amount of $500,000.00 below should be made through

(2) Payment for the amount of $500,000.00 above should be made through

Hope to hear from you soonest

Best Regards,
Miss Nina Marinich
Head of Purchasing
Department Ulterra Equestrian Ltd
Telephone:+44 (745) 2380106
The email was sent from the email address ""missninamarinich@outlook.com" <cbnforeignmatterscng@gmail.com>", with the Reply-to address "missninamarinich@outlook.com" and the subject "Introduction of KUAMBA NUTS (KB26) by Nina Marinich, A Ukrainian citizen working here in Ulterra Equestrian Ltd.".

The WhoIs record for the fake domain ulterraranches.com gives the following information.
Creation Date: 2015-06-22T22:49:32Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-06-22T22:49:32Z

Registrant Name: Catherine Chalack
Registrant Organization: Ulterra Ranches Ltd.
Registrant Street: #RR2
Registrant City: Carstairs
Registrant State/Province: Alberta
Registrant Postal Code: T0M 0N0
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.4159496022
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext.:
Registrant Email: ulterraranches.com@wix-domains.com
The email is a classic example of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam with promises of a large sum of money being transferred to the victim. Anyone responding to it will be told that there is a fee/tax/insurance payment to be paid to receive the money. This will be followed by payment after payment until the victim runs out of money or realises that they are being scammed.

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