Scam reports relating to Zone 4 telephone numbers:
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This topic gives information about the telephone number +447045734562, which has been identified as being used by scammer as part of their scam. This first post gives some general information about the telephone number, such as the country/area it is from, the type of number and the provider. Additional posts give information about occurrences of the number being used as part of a scam.

About telephone number +447045734562

Telephone number +447045734562 has a country code of 44, which indicates that it is from the United Kingdom. The dialing code (70457) indicates that the number is a personal redirect number. The original service provider was "Franzcom Ltd".

About Personal Redirect numbers

UK telephone numbers starting with 70 are personal redirect numbers that can be redirected anywhere in the world at no cost to the number's owner. There is no real legitimate need for these numbers, but they are loved by scammers as they can appear to be in the UK and have calls from victims redirected to their own number.

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Re: +447045734562

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Telephone number +447045734562 is being used as part of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam by someone claiming to be "Dora Williams" and using the email address drdorawilliams@gmail.com. The telephone number is included in the following Advance Fee Fraud email that is being sent to victims:
Calvary greetings my dearest in the Lord

Dearest in the Lord

With all due sense of respect suavity and decorum, I humbly emplore
and acknowledge apology if I demean your personal integrity, be that
as it may I crave your indulgence hoping you will have a nice time and
go through this mail in token of good faith and work hard to see that
you justify this confidence of good work of gratitude in effort
rewardness that is about to be repose on you.

Before I proceed I will not fail to ask about modification of your
health and that of your business which is momentous in human dignity?
In a not shell as courtesy demands my name is Dora Williams Former
Resources Manager Chevron Oil Company Nig Plc. Wife of late Engr.
Bruno Dickson Williams. Of course I got your contact information from
a reliable database called business index through the Scottish Chamber
of Commerce, Hence I decided to contact you from here in the Royal
Berkshire Cancer Hospital London, United Kingdom, where I now
undergoing cancer of the lungs treatment.

However, I will like to give a little preamble of my late husband
before I advance further to let you know the proposition. It might
interest to know that my late husband until his death was the
Contractor with Shell Petroleum Development Company Plc. My late
husband was a very dedicated and devoted Philanthropist who has bent
of mind towards legacy to humanity. He loves to add value to the down
trodden in the society by given out his great philanthropy, as in
recognition of his outstanding humanitarian philanthropic and
patriotic achievements, he was duly conferred with the National Honor
of the office of the Order of the Niger (OON) by the then President of
the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and because of his recognition of
excellence knows no bounds especially in Africa and Europe as the
honors, awards and chieftaincy tittles conferred on him cut across
primordial lines.

The proposition, I write to you in good faith hoping you will
understand the importance attached to this message. I am a 69 year old
aging widow; I am a Scottish citizen by birth but married to late
Engr. Bruno Dickson Williams Africa /Scottish Citizen. I wish to let
you know that I am suffering from a long time illness diagnosed for
cancer of the lungs and other infections as you can view in the recent
attached diagnostics

Of course my aim of contacting you with grief and heavy heart is
because I have recently been diagnosed of cancer of the lungs and
other infections and the Doctor has confirmed in the recent
diagnostics that the cancer has entered 1, 2, 3.4 and as a result of
that has confirmed that I have a short period of time to live here on
earth. Ever since this ugly news got across to me I have been in sober
reflection, reflecting over my life in the past, but one thing that
gives me courage is that I know we cannot live here on earth forever,
we are going to die someday, but the important thing is where are we
going to spend our eternity after life here on earth.

It is painful that after over 34 years of peaceful marriage with my
husband, we were not blessed with only one son by name Nelson Williams
Jr. who died as a result of Auto Crash on 10th of December 2009, at
the age of 28, my son until his sudden death was the Medical Director
of St. Nicolas Hospital Lagos-Nigeria, as you can view in the attach
is my son while in a Hospital in the United States of America where he
was flown as a result of the Auto Crash.

We as had no other child except Doctor Nelson Williams after 34 years
of peaceful marriage who will inherit our numerous wealth due to what
Doctors described as pendenculum Fibroid. Of course since the sudden
death of my beloved son in 2019, and my lovely husband in 2014, as a
result of Nyanya Bomb Blast Abuja in 2014, by the deadly Insurgence
called BOKO HARM. The Bomb Blast which claimed many lives and that of
my husband.

Of course since my husband’s sudden death I have made several
unanimous donations to the victims of Earthquake in HAITI, as well as
the people of DAR-FUR in Southern Sudan and the displaced BOKO HARM
victims in the North East of Nigeria. Now that my health is gradually
deteriorating, according to the Doctor’s report, and I can no longer
continue to do all these myself any longer, hence I strongly desire to
reach out to the poor and the downtrodden in the society, through a
foreign trustee precisely from the Western World who I will cede the
funds under his or her custody valued (US$50,000,000.00) only, which I
and my late husband jointly fixed with the United Bank for Africa
(UBA) Head office Abuja- Nigeria.

I would prefer to continue this charity work with the assistance of a
kind and trusted foreign trustee who would use these funds
(US$50,000,000.00) with agreed interest of 6.7% derived from same and
use it for utmost degree of honesty and transparency to the down
trodden in the society. More especially a person who will use the
funds to establish a Hospital Cancer Cervical Screening in any part of
the World and open School for Boy’s and Girl’s catering for Refugees
suffering from War and Violence precisely here in Europe

As stated above, I discovered your profile through a Business Index
from the hospital bed here in Royal Berkshire Cancer Hospital London
United Kingdom, which of course confirmed of your status which moved
me a lot, hence I decided to contact you from my hospital bed as you
can view in the attached photograph of my good self with one of the
Resident Doctor’s.

Consequently, I wish to bring to your notice that my late husband and
I on the 24th of January 2012, made a joint (10) year term fixed
deposit of (US$50,000,000.00) only, with the Trade and Exchange
Dept. of the Affiliate Global Commercial Bank in Africa (United Bank
for Africa UBA). It might interest you to know that our main purpose
of depositing the Funds was to dispense plans for legacy to humanity
after 10 years, before my late husband’s sudden demise in 2014.

Also as stated above, I want to unavoidably reiterate that I would
need a very honesty and God fearing person precisely from the Western
World who has basic leadership qualities and ability to manage funds
and prioritize charity Organization to ensure efficient. A honest
person who will be able to utilize these Funds with utmost degree of
trust and use the Funds judiciously to plunge the funds into
restoration of hope, happiness and succor to the down trodden in the
society to achieve my heart desire and that of my late husband, by
establishing a hospital cancer cervical screening which will be named
after my husband’s as concedes in the codicil and last testament to
his will.

As well I need a foreign trustee who will use part of these Funds to
propagate the work of God, as this was part of our philosophy of
charity of depositing the aforesaid Funds in 2012. Furthermore, I
still want to reiterate that I found your Email ID from the internet
during my recent search in the business index, and after I observed 12
days fasting and prayer seeking for God’s directive on whom to cede
these funds, God revealed your name, hence the reason contacting you
to that respect.

Please if you can be able to use these Funds accordingly for
humanitarian gesture, kindly reply as soon as possible so as to enable
me furnish you with further details, knowing full well that I have a
limited time to live on this planet earth according to the Doctor’s
recent confirmation. As you may rightly know everything with regards
to these Funds needs to be done in extremity because I may answer the
call of nature at any given time. Of course I am not afraid of death
knowing full well that death is necessary thing that will come when it
will come. Also am not afraid of death because there is a saying that
“No Evil will happen to a good man either in life or after death”. One
thing everyone must believe is that the life one lives here on earth
determines whether he or she will make heaven or not. On that note,
having decided to cede these funds to you should not be viewed as a
stupid venture from a stupid woman, just view it as God’s intervention
and directive, therefore I will sternly advise that you try as much as
you can and use these funds with utmost degree of honesty, sincerity
and transparency for restoration of hope, happiness and succor to the
down trodden in the society.

As you can see I tried all I could to write you this mail from my sick
bed just to show how important it is to cede these funds to you. Once
again if you are interested kindly reply as soon as possible so as to
enable me divulge further detail information to you, as well link you
up with our Attorney who will be of help to procure all the
legal/legitimate approval documents on your behalf.

You know that our Attorney will need to secure the entire necessary
document that will necessitate the claiming of the funds. As a matter
of fact upon receipt of your response I finally handed over the Safe
Keeping receipt my late husband signed with the United Bank for Africa
(UBA) the very day these funds were deposited with the United Bank for
Africa UBA. Also I have handed over to the Attorney a snap photograph
my late husband took with the officials of the United Bank for Africa
UBA, the very day these funds were deposited with them. All these will
be forwarded to you by the Attorney for proof of legitimacy, genuity
and avoidance of the doubt upon your explicit response to this mail.

Your earlier corporation response would be appreciated

Thanks and May the Almighty God in his infinite good mercies bless you
as you claim these funds and use if judicially and judiciously for the
down trodden in the society.

Please after going through the message, kindly open the attached files
for your kind perusal and view recent diagnostics, my picture with the
one of the Resident Doctor’s here that carried all diagnostics and of
picture of my late son while receiving treatment in the Hospital in
the United States of America after the Auto Crash.
Stay blessed and remain healthy always

Yours In Christ Jesus,

Mrs. Dora Williams.
Direct Phone: +44-704-573-4562
The email was sent from the email address "Dora Williams <drdorawilliams@gmail.com>", with the Reply-to address "drdorawilliams@gmail.com" and the subject "CRY FOR HELP".

The email is a classic example of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam with promises of a large sum of money being transferred to the victim. Anyone responding to it will be told that there is a fee/tax/insurance payment to be paid to receive the money. This will be followed by payment after payment until the victim runs out of money or realises that they are being scammed.

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