Scam reports relating to Zone 1 (NANP Area) telephone numbers
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This topic gives information about the telephone number +19048770764, which has been identified as being used by scammer as part of their scam. This first post gives some general information about the telephone number, such as the country/area it is from, the type of number and the provider. Additional posts give information about occurrences of the number being used as part of a scam.

About telephone number +19048770764

Telephone number +19048770764 has a country code of 1, which indicates that it is from the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area. The area code (904) indicates that the number covers the State of Florida, USA and the Exchange Code (877) indicates that the number covers the town or city of Kingsley Lake. This Exchange code was originally designated for Landline usage and the original service provier was "TERRA NOVA TELECOM, INC. - FL". Number Pooling is active in this exchange and this sub-allocation of numbers is allocated to "BANDWIDTH.COM CLEC, LLC - FL".

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Re: +19048770764

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Telephone number +19048770764 is being used as part of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam by someone claiming to be "Wray Osborne" and using the email address fundsimfi@gmail.com. The telephone number is included in the following Advance Fee Fraud email that is being sent to victims:
Hello Beneficiary of Funds.

How are you doing today and your Family? We write with hope that this email meets you in good health and fate.
I know you may be surprised and Astonished receiving this Message. I am Mr. Wray Osborne. I am the Recently
Appointed and Incumbent Funds and Payment Department and Auditing director Under the (I.M.F) International Monetary Funds.
United States of America.

In other not to waste any of your time or mine i would like to convey my message and the main aim and objective
of this message. On my assumption to office on Monday 6th of January 2020 i have to go through all the ongoing
and unfinished/pending transaction under our custody.

This process has been going on since the above mentioned date to make sure that no stone is left on touch on our Adventure

and mandate to make sure all interested Beneficiary receives their funds asap and at the mandated period of time.

This Said Funds has kept everyone of the staffs on a very tight and busy schedule. several steps has been taken
and meetings held without season and now All hands on deck to ensure that your $3.5 Million Dollars worth of funds
are Released to you without any delay,hitch or hindrance from any authority or individual as soon as you respond.

First we have to under go a forensic research and investigation to know why you didn't receive your funds which was
scheduled to be handed over to you on the 18th of August 2019 while under the care of the previous regime.

We were made to understand that the process became so unbearable and then you quieted. now all necessary steps and

arrangements has been carried out to ensure that there won't be any repeat of such so that nothing will stop you from

receiving your ($3.5 Million) Three Million Five hundred thousand united State dollars. We promise that nothing will stop the

Release of your above mentioned amount except your own self.

In most occasions there have been many claims by individuals and groups who impersonates and pose as your relative
and next of kin to lay claim of this funds but thanks to the Intelligent and security department who has been able to
avert this Criminal act. This is why there was a mandate to release the funds to the rightful beneficiaries or send to the

government Project funds instead if the owners refuse to comply of respond to this email within the given time.

Before we proceed we will like to ask this simple question. Are you still interested in working with us to
receive your Funds? Are you Ready to be adhesive to the terms and legal abiding instruction concerning your funds ?
If yes You are to First Reconfirm This Below information Correctly to be sure that we are Dealing with the rightful person
who we wish to contact via this email. and to ascertain the fact that the information you send matches correctly with
the one we have on our file and database, Once we receive this below information Every Details, Information steps and

relevant Funds related Documents will be sent to you.

Your Full Name:...........
Your full Address Both old and New in case if any changes occur between January 2019:........
Your Date of Birth............
Your Occupation.......
Email Address send even if it's more than one............
Your Real Next of Kin.............
Your ID or Driving license.........
Your Direct Telephone number send all if its more than one......

You are to make sure you fill all the above information correctly as you will be truly and welly question if any any

information does not match correctly with the one on our database. We will send you are legal funds cancellation letter for

immediate sign in case if you are not interested to receive your funds anymore.

Your Urgent and immediate attention is needed now as our next steps towards this depends on your response and action.

Mr. Wray Osborne.
(I.M.F ) International monetary funds
Payment Department and Auditing director.
Email: (fundsimfi@gmail.com)
The email was sent from the email address "INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDS IMF <pough.d@yahoo.com>", with the Reply-to address "fundsimfi@gmail.com" and the subject "GOOD NEWS AT YOUR DOOR STEP NOW".

The email is a classic example of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam with promises of a large sum of money being transferred to the victim. Anyone responding to it will be told that there is a fee/tax/insurance payment to be paid to receive the money. This will be followed by payment after payment until the victim runs out of money or realises that they are being scammed.

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