Scam reports relating to Zone 2 telephone numbers:
Mostly Africa (but also Aruba, Faroe Islands, Greenland and British Indian Ocean Territory)
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This topic gives information about the telephone number +234806565253, which has been identified as being used by scammer as part of their scam. This first post gives some general information about the telephone number, such as the country/area it is from, the type of number and the provider. Additional posts give information about occurrences of the number being used as part of a scam.

About telephone number +234806565253

Telephone number +234806565253 has a country code of 234, which indicates that it is from Nigeria. The dialing code (806) indicates that the number is a mobile number. The original service provider was "MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd".

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Re: +234806565253

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Telephone number +234806565253 is being used as part of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam by someone claiming to be "Justice E. Ayoola", Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practice Commission and using the email address icpc0101@gmail.com. The telephone number is included in the following Advance Fee Fraud email that is being sent to victims:
ICPC NIGERIA (Anti-Fraud Unit)
Head Office: Plot 802, Constitution Avenue
Zone A9 Central Area Garki Abuja.
P. M.B 535,
TEL : +234 806565253


We hereby inform you that out of our records for the year investigation
it is drawn to us that you have been victimized by the men of
underworld(419ers/impostors). However, the management has been
dutifully empowered by the Investigation bureau office of the President and
Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Nigeria
to curb all illicit transaction and workload of this perpetrator. In line
with the Anti-corruption crusade of the President Goodluck Jonathan
(GCFR)you are by this email notification to stop any contact regarding
to your illegal transaction with this international fraudsters called in
Nigeria 419ers.Out of our findings there is no any inheritance,
Contract and Lottery payment in your favor or name in Nigeria and the
image of
this country has been dented internationally during the past administration
of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Presently, we have employed a strategy to remit sanity and vow to
terminate the activity of this fraudsters by consolidating our security
Network all over the country in view to monitor all outgoing and
incoming communication to enable us fish out and avert all illegal and
suspicious transaction both domestically and internationally respectively.

Moreover,it occurs that some of our Financial Institutions (Bank) serve as a
Condit pipe by which this fraudsters use to perpetrate the undo crime. We
signal all these financial institutions to implement scrutinized
investigation before carrying any transaction any bank found culpable
breaching the law must have their operational license revoke.In
accordance with the criminal and other related offense act 25 of 1999
constitution we have been officially compel by Senator. A. Aminu(JP),
Senate committee on Foreign Affair to mapped out billions of Dollars from the
Annual Budget to compensate all defrauded victims as part of the
ongoing National Reform Scheme of the president

By the strength of this development the sum of US$5.Million United
States Dollars (USD$5,000,000.00) has been SIGNED to each beneficiaries as
compensation, so you will be receiving the above mentioned compensation
fund without fee.

Be inform from this day that if we find out through
security agency that you are still in email and telephone
communication with this criminals your compensation payment will discard
terminated and you will report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI) for questioning your transaction Kindly send your address where
we shall send the original documents of your compensation by courier to
you as it has approved

1. Your Full Name:
2. Your Residential Address:
3. Telephone Number (cell )
For more details on receipt of this mail contact this office. Await for
your reply
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation in this regards.

Yours Faithfully.

Hon. Justice E. Ayoola
Chairman ICPC Nigeria.
(Independent Corrupt Practice Commission, ICPC)
The email was sent from the email address ""Hon. Justice E. Ayoola" <icpc0101@gmail.com>", with the subject "Waiting for your Urgent response.".

The email is a classic example of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam with promises of a large sum of money being transferred to the victim. Anyone responding to it will be told that there is a fee/tax/insurance payment to be paid to receive the money. This will be followed by payment after payment until the victim runs out of money or realises that they are being scammed.

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